White Scale on Sago Palm

So I look at my sago palm and there is white scale all over it.All my sago palm leaves are brown.I thought is this a white fungus on my sago palm?I live in St Augustine Florida and I have seen this everywhere.

At first I did not know what it was, All I knew is, my sago palm leaves were turning white, then  brown, and dying.There are so many different bugs and etc. than lets face it,I'm thinking mealy bugs but after a few hours of research I knew my solution.

My neighbors had cut theirs out, but I liked them so I wanted to save them.Are your sago plants dying?There is help.

Well I had been playing around with a product that was all about hydrogen peroxide,a powder that was dissolved in water so I could spray it.Well lo and behold all my sago palms are better now.What i found was the Simix loosens the scale so they are easily rinsed off of the plant.I do have to spray them down about three times a year as the scale seems to return.However one of my Sago palms has remained scale free.

White scale on sago palmBefore
white scale on sagoAfter

The appearance of white fuzzy stems, leaves and trunks signals a huge problem. Scale is a tiny sucking insect and, in high populations, the bugs can sap the plant of much of its life-giving fluid and kill it. The insects have a protective waxy armor, which is white to yellow. They are so tiny that finding the problem before the plant is overrun is almost impossible. Once the population has bloomed, all parts of your plant can be infected and the pest’s presence is obvious.They are like little vampires that bite in and suck the life out of the plant.

You can prevent what you see on the right with a proper maintenance.It does take maintenance and I have found about every six months.

The product is called Simix all Purpose cleaner.It cleans virtually everything including plants.It is all about the hydrogen peroxide that this product produces.There are also some trade secrets in this product that helps fight fungus on every surface it is applied to.It has been effective on potato blight,citrus greening and several other plant diseases.Learn more here @ simix agplus

Simix AgPlus treats white scale and scurf on sago palms. ​Simix AgPlus also treats the root cause of yellowing and yellow fronds on a sago palm. Yellowing can be caused by nutrient imbalances. Simix AgPlus can help your palm regain nutrient balance and become healthy and lush again.

Simix AgPlus is easy to use. You just dissolve Simix powder in water, and then spray on the fronds, trunk and ground. It's safe for pets and other plants.

White Scale beginning

 Scale in 3 months

White Scale if you let it go

This all purpose cleaner will clean anything so it is very versatile.From laundry to concrete.It is being used in hospitals for bacteria and virus control and in grocery stores,schools,airports all over the world.The Chinese government has shown interest in the product for their crop issues.

Simix All Purpose

Simix all purpose Cleaner is the same as Agplus

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