Paver Sealing in St Augustine                                                                   

If you are looking for paver sealing in St Augustine on your driveway pavers  or any brick paver,  we might have your answer.

We are about enhancing and maintaining the natural color and not changing or dying it.

I have been watching this product for two years on my pavers and they remain beautiful.No chipping peeling or discoloration. Are your  pavers  losing their color? Do your pavers look dull? Well use sunblock.

UV light is constantly attacking your pavers. Ti02 will prevent that.

Paver sealing in St Augustine with Nano Mirrors

paver sealing st augustineBefore Coating
Paver sealing in St augustine.Seal your brick pavers in St AugustinePavers after

What you are seeing is the curing process of the microscopic glass coating on driveway pavers and the optical benefits of titanium dioxide.

You can drive on this sealer within 2 hours of application so there is no long curing time.

The company that makes this coating is Simixusa.This works on all brick pavers.

   Titanium Dioxide—Extraordinary Optics

In addition to its natural abundance and lack of toxicity, titanium dioxide is a popular pigment because of its optical properties—the way it interacts with light. Titanium, atomic number 22 on the Periodic Table of the Elements, contains 22 protons and electrons, making it “electron rich.” When a beam of light falls on a solid particle of titanium dioxide, the light is dramatically slowed down by the interference of titanium’s many electrons and by titanium dioxide’s unique internal arrangement of atoms 

Light really “puts on the brakes” when it encounters the atomic grid--or crystal structure--of titanium dioxide. Imagine shining a flashlight into a dark room full of mirrors. As light reflects from one mirror to the next, the entire room brightens. This is the property of titanium dioxide that makes it a wonderful pigment. It “traps” and reflects light better than almost any substance known to man. Additions of only small amounts of colorful pigments are required to develop vibrant color in this highly reflective substance.

If you are looking to have your paver sealing in St Augustine,you should consider this coating that will be applied for 40 cents a square foot.

We are not promoting wet look but natural look

Why Should I Seal My Brick Pavers?  Color Enhancement:

Sealing your pavers will enhance the natural color of your pavers.  The colors will also be preserved and protected from the harmful UV rays.

paver sealing st augustine

Simix Sealer is Algae and Mold Inhibitor:

Sealing your pavers with simix photo catalytic coating will inhibit algae and mold growth.  Sealed pavers dry quickly which will minimize mold growth caused by moisture and humidity.

sealing pavers st augustine


When brick pavers are properly sealed, the pores of the bricks will be blocked, which means that oil and grease will not be able to penetrate the pores.  This helps prevent those unsightly stains in your driveway.Simix Adds photo-catalytic titanium dioxide to help in the process.

Paver sealing st augustine


When brick pavers are sealed, maintenance on your pavers diminishes, cleaning mold, bird droppings, and spills becomes much easier.   Typically, mild soap and garden hose will do the trick.  No need for a power washer.

oil on paversCarmelos on King Street
get oil off of paversCleaned with Simix

Pavers should be sealed to protect from color loss due to the intense UV light that we have here in St Augustine.

Pavers are very porous and sealing them will help maintain the natural appearance,plus the nano titanium dioxide in the paver sealer helps to prevent mold growth on the paver and maintain a lower ambient temperature.

This is a potassium silicate coating that dries to a microscopic sheet of glass.

Paver sealing in St Augustine is normally done with petroleum based products that really do not last that long,and for what I have seen they actually change the natural color of the paver.

This coating which has and is being used worldwide on interior floors has recently been discovered to work incredibly well on pavers.

No Polyurethane

 We use potassium Silicate which dries to a sheet of Non Skid Glass

There are no nasty fumes and you will never see this look.

Paver sealingLooking straight down on paver
driveway paver colorSimix nano Glass

Our coating also has self cleaning benefits

Paver sealing in St augustine florida.I have seen this phenomenon work

Our Coating Also helps clean the air Turn your pavers into a
Smog eater

We can apply this technology to your pavers

Road Warrior
Some of the 400 miles of pavement in the
Westminster borough of London may soon
have a role that goes far beyond smoothing
footpaths and roadways. Japan’s Mitsubishi
Materials Corporation has developed a
paving stone it calls “Noxer” that uses the
catalytic properties of TiO2 to remove nitrogen
oxide (NOx) from the air, breaking it
down into more environmentally benign
substances that can then be washed away by
rainwater. NOx is produced in abundance
through vehicle emissions.Results of these tests showed an 80%
NOx removal rate based on an intensity of
UV light of 1–12 watts per square meter

Our Coating is hydro-philic

If the droplet spreads, wetting a large area of the surface, then the contact angle is less than 90 degrees and that surface is considered hydro philic, or water-loving (from the Greek words for water, hydro, and love, philos).

  Hydrophilic coatings, which in the past have been called "self-cleaning coating", is a photo-catalyst nano-particle coating that creates an oxidizing effect on organic dirt and contaminants that come in contact with it as long as there is  sunlight. This oxidation loosens the dirt and converts it, in many cases, so that when there is rain or a manual washing much of the dirt may rinse off.  Hydrophilic coatings attract the water to the surface and make the water sit flat instead of “beading up” as the hydrophobic coatings do.  While these coatings are in effect doing the exact opposite thing to each other the funny thing is they are both used to create low maintenance surfaces.

So beading up is not  important.Water sheeting is more effective

Do it yourself!!!!!! 1 gallon makes 10

Do it yourself video

If you have a paver patio or driveway, using a paver sealant can enhance and protect the appearance of your hardscape. Whether you have brick pavers, concrete or paver stones,  a sealant that can make them look their best. For maximum longevity,  paver sealers  improve the value of your home.Driveway Pavers