Kill Virus  with Light

Kill Viruses for your whole life. If you are looking for computer virus removal this is not the site.

If you are looking for a way to kill and annihilate all viruses in your life than read on.

Titanium dioxide is a photo-catalytic element found all around our environment. It is found in sunblock, makeup, toothpaste, paints and a host of other everyday products.

How does it work in killing viruses? Well, as titanium dioxide is exposed to UV light and available moisture in the air it pops off little particles of hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide production attacks any virus or bacteria and kills it with a ninety nine point nine percent effectiveness.

Kill Virus Discovery

Works with interior or exterior UV light
Nano titanium dioxide will keep your environment safer

The Japanese discovered this technology back in the nineteen seventy's and in the late ninety's several companies have been monetizing this through self cleaning concrete, roofs, counter tops, and cars.

I personally have been using it in my life and I can see the technology works.

I do not own a microscope but it is pretty obvious when I watch my shower stall and no black mold ever grows. It has been over five years since I treated my shower and it just stays clean. Normally i would have mold every two months. So what this says is the hydrogen peroxide production is preventing mold from growing.

So if it keeping mold from growing it is killing viruses and bacteria.

The viruses or bacteria cannot mutate away from this.

The titanium dioxide is persistent at nicking away at any cell wall so the cell wall breaks, all fluid flows out and the cell whether bacteria or virus will surely die .

So for viruses in your everyday life consider new cleaners that contain this incredible element to improve your quality of life with less sickness in you environment and everything that you treat with this element stays clean.

Not only does it stay clean but sterile and cleans the air at the same time. The science has proven  that this process cleans nitrous oxides (automobile exhaust) from the air.

In essence you are making your life better and the environment that surrounds you better.


Nano scoop = 1 Teaspoon

Chlorine was the first agent of chemical warfare in WWI. Since that time it has been added to our water supply and other products used in the home. Remember as well, the dangers of chlorine inhalation increase in the shower as the heat aerosolizes the chlorine and allows it to be soaked into our skin as well as inhaled.

  •  Bleach is just plain nasty and cleaners with titanium dioxide are a better solution all the way around.
  • We all know that strong smell of bleach, and personally, I can't take it anymore.Bleach will not make a clean house
  • Simix All Purpose

    The nano Ti02 not only kills virus but bacteria and also cleans the air much like a tree.

    Everything stays cleaner longer and easier to clean.

    A clean house is a healthier house