Clean grease fast food Restaurant

To clean grease at a fast food restaurant use to be a major chore and nothing seemed to work.Especially those dumpster and loading dock areas with heavy grease.

You need a good kitchen grease cleaner product.

You can come in with 4000 psi on that quarter inch thick grease and work your tail off with minimal results..A highly effective commercial grease cleaner is what is needed to get the job done.

Five minute Job



To clean grease  fast food Restaurant forget elbow grease,Let science do the work

You need the right product for the right money and be in order with environmental regulations.If you have been cleaning restaurant at fast food restaurants for any amount of time you know you have your work cut out for you.

Bleach is a complete waste of time as are many other cleaners,but there is hope for about 1.00 a gallon with sodium per carbonate.(hydrogen peroxide)

The results will blow you away

Sodium per carbonate produces mega hydrogen peroxide and when this powder is diluted it will clean and sanitize anything. The heavy duty jobs will cost you around a dollar a gallon where the everyday wipe downs around 60 cents a gallon all while being safe and environmentally friendly.

Will help with your grease trap and greasy floors and those greasy stove hoods.

You can even use it to get grease stains and grease smell out of clothes.

Lets do the math

A bag cost 75.00. There are 250 teaspoon in a 5 pound bag.

Make note if you buy by the case, it is 60$ a bag so even cheaper!!!

The worst scenarios like super greasy dumpster areas,will take four teaspoons(See results in video below). That is 30 cents per teaspoon or 1.20 a gallon, FOR SOMETHING THAT WORKS SAFELY.

Now the other video shows a cutting board being cleaned and sanitized.

It takes one half of a teaspoon per 32 oz to accomplish this.

That comes to 15 cents a quart.

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Dumpster grease

Sanitize Cutting board

Black Mold

Works on tile

Works on carpet

Dilution Training

Free 5  gallon kitchen dispenser with the purchase of a case.

4 bags of multi-purpose or Kitchen degreaser

equals a case

Will be delivered Separately.Allow 1 weeks for 5 gallon jug delivery

Simix Kitchen Degreaser

One bag $75

   4 bags $240

One bag $75

sds Safety Sheet

Also a side benefit is the product also contains nano particle of Ti02.Ti02 works with light and constantly makes hydrogen peroxide microscopically. 

So in essence it is self cleaning the surface, so when you return to the same job,it is easier.

How about urine smell?

Incredibly effective on urine and makes every area stay cleaner longer.The customers love it and are always anxious to call you because when you are done cleaning their areas they see incredible results and you are working within the parameters of environmental regulations.Any questions call me Tony Hopcraft 904 599 1414

A clean house is a healthier house