Simix produces a high ph which will kill any bacteria or virus within 60 seconds. One bag will make 256/32 ounce bottles and is safe on all surfaces, including laundry, countertops, shower stalls, carpets and even plants to kill fungus

 The federal government does not approve products, but it does approve ingredients, and Simix also meets all FDA and USDA standards for use in organic and non-organic kitchens. Simix can be sprayed directly onto food contact surfaces in organic and non-organic kitchens and wiped off without any need for an intervening step. Cleaning means removing visible dirt, grease and grime. Sanitizing is a process in which pathogenic microbes are reduced in number to levels where they are no longer harmful.

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New Lab Tests Show Simix Cleaner / Degreaser / Sanitizer Removes
99.94% of Coronavirus and 99.74% of Norovirus

 A new study done by Situ Biosciences Microbial Product Test Laboratory shows that Simix Cleaner / Degreaser / Sanitizer removes 99.94% of coronavirus and 99.74% of norovirus from non-porous surfaces.

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One Bag 64.00 (12 cents a quart)buy 4 and save forty dollars

Simix Kitchen Degreaser


One gallon $ 225 Four gallons 780

Simix Multi Surface ceramic Coating

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A clean house is a healthier house