Bleach  Clorox alternative

There is a bleach clorox alternative. I don't know about you, but i have a love hate relationship with bleach.It has quite a few uses but every time I use it,the smell really gets to me. For my whole life since I was child,my mom would clean the house and if it did not smell like bleach,it was considered NOT CLEAN. 

The house had to smell like sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and then she felt good that the house was clean and bacteria free.

Well now in my adult life and after some research I have discovered that bleach is not the best thing to sterilize a surface, and as a matter of fact from Clorox own website they tell you

Bleach and Clorox mix Kills Employee

New Solution every 24 hours

Disinfecting Bleach Solution (½ cup Clorox® Regular Bleach2 added to 1 gallon water) The disinfecting solution has very specific instructions for mixing and use because Clorox® Regular Bleach2 is registered with the EPA as a disinfectant, with efficacy assured by following label instructions. Your mom’s hospital was correct to ensure its effectiveness (critical in a hospital environment) by mixing a fresh solution daily, but I can also understand that you don’t want to make it up every day if you don’t have to. To simplify things for you, you could make a smaller amount (2 tablespoons diluted in 4 cups water) that you use up over several days for general countertop cleaning. However, when you are cleaning up after things that are highly likely to spread bacteria (like raw meat), you would want to use a freshly mixed solution every 24 hours.

Bleach Clorox Alternative

So when you mix a bottle of sodium per carbonate,hydrogen peroxide) it will last for weeks WITH NO HARSH SMELL and will sterilize and kill. 

It comes in powder form and a half teaspoon in 32 ounces of water will disinfect anything. See videos below.

Now what are the cost
For Bleach Clorox Alternative

Lets do the math. 

A bag cost 75.00. There are 250 teaspoon in a 5 pound bag.

Make note if you buy by the case, it is 60$ a bag so even cheaper!!!

The worst scenarios like super greasy dumpster areas,will take four teaspoons(See results in video below). That is 30 cents per teaspoon or 1.20 a gallon, FOR SOMETHING THAT WORKS SAFELY.

Now the other video shows a cutting board being cleaned and sanitized.

It takes one half of a teaspoon per 32 oz to accomplish this.

That comes to 15 cents a quart.

New Lab Tests Show Simix Cleaner / Degreaser / Sanitizer Removes
99.94% of Coronavirus and 99.74% of Norovirus

 A new study done by Situ Biosciences Microbial Product Test Laboratory shows that Simix Cleaner / Degreaser / Sanitizer removes 99.94% of coronavirus and 99.74% of norovirus from non-porous surfaces.

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sds Safety Sheet

One Bag 64.00 (12 cents a quart)buy 4 and save forty dollars

Simix Kitchen Degreaser


One gallon $ 225 Four gallons 780

Simix Multi Surface ceramic Coating

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Mixing Instructions

You can also wash your clothes with it.It like oxi clean on steroids.Virtually clean any surface without that chlorine smell.

A clean house is a healthier house