Stop Black Mold on Barrel Tile

Black mold on barrel tile is ugly. You clean it and it returns year after year. In reality what you are seeing is not black mold but a bacteria that is called gloeocapsa-magma.

When you are cleaning your house,your roof should be part of the regimen.Not an easy task but necessary.Simix can stop that.

This bacteria is actually feeding off of your roof and it is crucial that you remove it or it will damage your roof.

It didn't start that way, as a matter of fact it stayed clean for years but now has become a yearly problem.

The reason for that is the bacteria probably blew over from a neighbors house and set up shop. These large colonies live and die and what you are seeing is the dead carcass of a bacterium. The new bacteria feed off of their dead.

With self cleaning coatings applied to the barrel tile you will never see black mold again.It works on asphalt shingles as well.

One thing for sure you do not want to walk on your barrel tile as you could easily damage it.

A dirty roof sticks out like a sore thumb, and it can actually “infect” your neighbors roof by spreading airborne spores from the algae growing on it.

Just as a neighbors weeds can blow into your yard, your algae infested roof can actually spread the algae infestation to your neighbors place.

That’s why the Homeowners Association sends out nasty letters!

St Augustine Visitors information center

black-mold-barrel-tileIt is all About The UV light

A few words about self cleaning technology.

If you are going for self cleaning, on a super contaminated area (Lots of black mold or green algae)It takes a long time.Green algae cleans faster but black mold has embedded itself in the structure over a very long period of time. So do not expect for this  to work fast.You cannot make science or physics work faster, but it does work, just like the sun is going to rise tomorrow or the tides of the ocean will go high and low.Photo catalytic Tio2 always works.

If you treat a surface before it is dirty,it will just stay clean.Period.

If the surface is dirty, with black mold or green algae, it will take a

lot of time(in our human perceptions)but

ultimately the surface will be clean.

How to apply

Black mold on barrel tile treated with Ti02

In the images below you see a barrel tile roof that was treated with self cleaning titanium dioxide. It took ninety days for it to get clean but if sprayed once a year you will never see black mold on barrel tile or for that matter any other roofing or building structure.

The best part is it is sprayed from the ground so no walking on those fragile tiles.

Cleaning barrel tile is as easy as spraying titanium dioxide from the ground and let it gently and microscopically clean the roof.

Sure it takes time and you do not get instant results but you also avoid damaging your fragile roof.

Think about it. Your barrel tile roof is like anything else.

You would never let your car get that dirty. You would wash your car periodically to keep it clean. With nano titanium dioxide you can do the same thing with your roof once a year and never worry about the black ugly again.

No pressure washing. By the way pressure washing companies hate this technology because every treated roof is one less customer.

How does Ti02 Work?

Titanium dioxide works through the process of what is called photo catalysis. This process was discovered in the 1970's and is now in recent history being monetized by a handful of companies around the world.

Titanium dioxide when exposed to UV light makes microscopic hydrogen peroxide without destroying the titanium dioxide itself. It basically sweats hydrogen peroxide which is an aggressive oxidizer.

The best part of the coatings is that they are safe on plants so you can spray your roof and be confident that there will be no harm to your landscaping and it makes black mold on barrel tile a thing of the past.

• Kills algae, mold, mildew, lichens, fungus, and moss
• Quick, long-lasting results
• Safe around plants and pets
• Improve curb appeal
• Comply with HOA rules
• Reduce air conditioning costs
• Roof will last longer
• Does not contain copper sulfate

Below is an example of self cleaning.This took two applications and 1 year

Here Is an example of sign cleaned first,then treated.

Normally this sign has to be cleaned once a year.Twelve years later perfectly clean

black-mold-on-barrel-tileSign always gets dirty
black-mold-on-barrel-tileSign never gets dirty when treated once a year

No Bleach

Left side treated.Mold cannot grow

Simix Multi Surface Cleaner has billions of self cleaning nano particles.

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Simix Multi Surface ceramic Coating

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Mixing Instructions

For years bleach was the go to chemical and in most cases today it still is. Bleach is not only corrosive but will kill plants and people. It destroys everything it touches but had to be used because it was your only option when it came to mold.

Now you have an option that is safer all the way around.

It is safer for your roof, safer for your landscaping, and most importantly safer for your family.

Your property can stay looking great without destroying the environment around you.

It is also known science that titanium dioxide actually filters the air. Read about that here

There are simple ways to apply titanium dioxide to your roof with some simple garden sprayers available online or at Ace Hardware.

Keep in mind that you can also treat your stucco, fences, gutters, pavers, concrete, asphalt shingle roofing without voiding your roof guarantee. Virtually any surface.

If you are a do it your selfer it is easy enough but there are applicators around the USA, Canada, and Australia.

You can purchase the product here or check with Sherwin Williams in South Florida. You can also try the manufacturer.

Simix Solutions

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