Nano Ceramic coatings for all surfaces

“Join me, Tony Hopcraft, to discover all the benefits of protecting your house, commercial buildings and equipment, automotive, marine and watercraft (to only name a few) with a natural and safe, self-cleaning ceramic coating.”

Have a Super Clean House with Ceramic Coatings with Nano Particle Ti02

Clean and seal with ceramic coatings and sterilize everything with No Bleach!

Everybody wants a clean house. It just feels good. Are you sick of cleaning house? Have a self cleaning house!
Ceramic coatings - constantly cleaning even when you are not.
Self Cleaning Properties for every Surface. Everything stays cleaner Longer.

If you are going to clean the house, why not do it the easiest way possible?

After cleaning and treating with ceramic coatings with Ti02, surfaces become self cleaning.
Plus, you can eliminate bacteria and viruses through UV Light, and they stay cleaner 20 times longer.
Keeping a clean house has never been easier!

Do a google search, right now, on self cleaning buildings and you will see what I am talking about.

From roofs to driveway pavers to kitchens, ceramic coatings with titanium dioxide just make your life easier.

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Nano Cleaner for Home or Office

Ceramic Coatings for All Surfaces

Ceramic Coatings For Pavers

Ceramic coatings are now available for your pavers at a reasonable price

Ceramic coatings for Stucco

Ceramic Coatings For
Self-Cleaning Buildings

Ceramic Coatings for Transportation

Ceramic Coatings Eat Smog

Ceramic coatings Eat Oil

Buildings stay Clean

All Ceramic coatings contain photo-catalytic titanium dioxide

If Ceramic coatings are Good Enough for UV Protection In space,  Its great Protection on Earth

Every Treated Surface Stays cleaner Longer


I thought" self cleaning" that is nonsense,until I see it work, I don't believe it.I am no scientist, nor do i want to hear your blah,blah,blah. It puts me to sleep.Just like science in high school. (Go Boone Braves Orlando Florida)

So they sent me down some products that they say will make buildings self cleaning. Self cleaning buildings.Yeah right! I went to some buildings here in St Augustine to give it the test.

Well 2 years later I became a believer.Now I love Science.

  All over the world there are thousands of treated buildings with building maintenance nightmares disappearing.So for a clean house this technology is a necessity.

I also became enthused and really began to study the science. I even started putting people to sleep with science talk, but I realize most of us just want the truth about a product and how can it help us or our family.

If you take a few minutes to study this information you will see many benefits for you as an everyday person.

All  Purpose cleaner Results     4 Teaspoons per gallon for the toughest grease and Dirty carpets

Pre spray with Simix, wait 15 minutes,clean

Pre spray with 4 teaspoons per gallon wait 15 minutes lightly scrub.

Let the science do the work for a clean house

How many times have you visited public washrooms and lamented at the black, moldy walls and dirty, brown floors? How many times have you wished your mother stopped freaking out about the cleanliness of the kitchen tiles? Do you want your fruits to last much longer than they currently do?
The truth of the matter is that there has been a chemical compound hidden in plain sight that holds the solution to all of the above problems, and many more. We need not look beyond the paint we use to coat our walls. This compound is Titanium Dioxide, or TiO2. TiO2 exhibits a photo – catalytic effect, which has come to be known as the Honda – Fujishima effect, after its two discoverers, Akira Fujishima and Kenichi Honda.
In simple terms, a photo-catalyst is a compound that absorbs light energy and uses that to speed up a chemical reaction. It accepts payment in the form of packets of Ultra Violet Radiation photons, and in return, speeds up the reactions between certain compounds. How does this factor in with clean tiles, walls  in general.

Treat any existing surface

Admitted, this might be slightly more costly than your average non-coated tiles and windows, but ceramic coatings are most definitely a much smarter investment.

However, what if you are not in the process of constructing or renovating your house, and so you cannot really buy tiles and windows coated with TiO2? We have you covered as well. We have developed surface cleaners that utilize TiO2 nano-particles to instantly clean and sterilize surfaces that they are sprayed on, within 50 seconds. What is more, these cleaners also leave a long-lasting residue that continues to fight harmful and dirty substances for as long as light is available, and this too, at a most economical price.

Let us look at how this is an extremely useful effect for us, one by one.

Self-Cleaning Tiles and Windows with ceramic coatings
According to Daniel Blake, principal scientist at the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, TiO2, when exposed to water vapor and UV radiation with a wavelength less than 385 nano meters, rapidly produces two highly reactive substances: the hydroxyl radical [OH] and a superoxide ion [O2-1]. 

This means that these invisible particles are always making hydrogen peroxide

Now if we were to coat the tiles we use in our washrooms, kitchens and offices with a layer of TiO2 that is a micron thick (that is 0.000001 meters), this would equip these tiles with the mechanism to react to, and thus, cleanse everything organic that could fall onto their surfaces. Since we know that most of the grease, dirt, and harmful fungi and bacteria that settles down in these spaces is organic, this mechanism can eliminate all such substances that you would not want moving about. Effectively, this makes the tiles self-cleaning ones, so that whenever something organic drops on to a tile with a TiO2 coating, the compound needs just a little energy from the UV radiation present in the Sun’s light and a little water, and before you know it, the organic attacker would have been decomposed, and the organic invasion repelled. Imagine if this process repeated itself every time something came knocking. Liberating, is it not?
What is more interesting to know is that this technology has been around for a long time, and we are already at the point where multiple products exist in the market that harness the power of TiO2.

Now what if you are a fruit seller, or someone who really likes to store lots of fruits and eat them over time? Does TiO2 have anything to offer you? It sure does!

Prolonging the lives of fruits and cargo
The Kennesaw, Georgia-based KES Science and Technology commercialized the work of Marc Anderson, a professor of environmental engineering and materials science at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, in order to create an environment in which ethylene is consistently removed from the air. Ethylene is the gaseous growth chemical released by fruits that pushes them to ripen up further. This chemical is responsible for making your bananas go black and soft.

As it turns out, ethylene, when exposed to a layer of TiO2, decomposes quite quickly, ridding the atmosphere surrounding the fruits of the growth chemical, and therefore making sure that you can enjoy your fruits for a longer time. This is why these TiO2 – based cleaners are so useful. If you can ensure that your fruits are kept in areas that either have construction material coated with TiO2, or that you can clean occasionally, you can ensure delayed ripening of the fruits.

This is also good news for you if you are related to cargo transport in any way. Fruits are definitely transported across in ships, and it would be advantageous to consider using these cleaners for the maintenance and tidying up of the containers and rooms inside the ship. That is not the only way, however, that this could come in handy. Ships stay at sea for weeks, and with all the human life on board, it is inevitable that bacteria and germs get the chance to infect somebody and cause diseases. So if the surfaces were to be kept cleaned by TiO2 – based cleaners, you would feel the difference!

So buckle up and join the bandwagon since builders, houses, offices, ships – all of these are now wholeheartedly embracing this new technology that has not only made self-cleaning a reality, but has also saved people a lot of money, a lot of effort, and most importantly, their health!

The videos below give explanation how Ceramic coatings with Ti02 works

for a clean house or office

For a clean house or office


In Addition To Its Natural Abundance And Lack Of Toxicity, Titanium Dioxide Is A Popular Pigment Because Of Its Optical Properties—The Way It Interacts With Light. Titanium, Atomic Number 22 On The Periodic Table Of The Elements, Contains 22 Protons And Electrons, Making It “Electron Rich.” When A Beam Of Light Falls On A Solid Particle Of Titanium Dioxide, The Light Is Dramatically Slowed Down By The Interference Of Titanium’s Many Electrons And By Titanium Dioxide’s Unique Internal Arrangement Of Atoms 


Light Really “Puts On The Brakes” When It Encounters The Atomic Grid--Or Crystal Structure--Of Titanium Dioxide. Imagine Shining A Flashlight Into A Dark Room Full Of Mirrors. As Light Reflects From One Mirror To The Next, The Entire Room Brightens. This Is The Property Of Titanium Dioxide That Makes It A Wonderful Pigment. It “Traps” And Reflects Light Better Than Almost Any Substance Known To Man. Additions Of Only Small Amounts Of Colorful Pigments Are Required To Develop Vibrant Color In This Highly Reflective Substance.

While The UV Light Is Being Absorbed And Diffracted It Is Cleaning Everything.

As long as there is UV light it is making hydrogen peroxide, and every treated surface maintains a high pH so  Microbes cannot exist.

Bleach Alternative

One teaspoon per gallon of hot water           Under 30 cents a gallon

A clean house has less bacteria and virus's

As a child I remember my grandmother cleaning everything with bleach.The smell in the house was overwhelming,but supposedly it was all clean.Well just because it smells like bleach it does not mean it is a clean house.

Scientist have developed cleaners that are safer and more effective than bleach.

Make your family safer with Titanium dioxide cleaning products.

  •   All treated surfaces are constantly sterilizing
  •  All treated surfaces stay cleaner longer
  •  Interior air quality improved
     No more bleach

    Fantastic for your kitchen

    The rate of the germicidal action is dependent on the intensity of the UV source,but tests show that the UV light emitted from normal domestic fluorescent lights is sufficient to sanitize a surface up to 10 metres away with an exposure time of 1 hour.

    Titanium dioxide kills Anthrax based on NASA Studies

    How about laundry. Yep you can use it there as well.Titanium dioxide makes your clothes antimicrobial. If you are out in sunlight your clothes will be constantly sterilizing.

    It cleans the air much like a tree does. Watch the video below

    Now I know that titanium dioxide sterilizes everything that it is applied to.

    It kills black mold and prevents it from regrowing. How would you like self cleaning windows? Well it is being done with nano titanium dioxide,and I see the windows on my house and they pop.A clean window is part of a clean house.

    Want to eliminate urine smell in bathrooms?

    How about self cleaning gravestones?

    Black Mold on Barrel Tiles

    or Asphalt Shingles

    Amazing floor de-greaser

    Great for exercise equipment

    Seal your pavers/St Augustine

    Greatly Reduce HAI

    Stop color loss on drive way pavers

    It really blows me away.I think to myself I can treat everything and have constant little soldiers attacking the bacteria and virus that are attempting to screw up my day. The Navy Seals of antimicrobial activity. They never stop fighting.  Constantly working as long as the lights are on. Well I have treated all my counter tops, showers, walls you name it.I have a clean house

    I am not a scientist  but plenty of research proves the facts.Titanium dioxide works. Don't take my word for it check out Wikipedia.

    When I watch black mold slowly disappear then I know something's cleaning it.

    That 's why I like the fact that my house is always generating an air cleaning,germ killing,mold eating process and keeping my family safer in the process

    A clean house that filters the air around us

    Hazy smog over cities and smoke pouring from the stacks of factories and power plants are visible reminders of the threat posed by air pollution to the environment and personal health. But air quality is often an unseen influence on our lives. Even on clear days, the air can be rife with particulate matter and other irritants that can trigger everything from minor allergies to life-threatening asthma attacks and other respiratory ailments. Indoors—where we spend as much as 90 percent of our time—pollutant levels can be 2–50 times higher than outdoors. The World Health Organization estimates that urban outdoor air pollution causes 1.3 million deaths worldwide per year, while in developing countries, indoor air pollution causes an estimated 2 million premature deaths.

    Fortunately, there may be an equally invisible solution for reducing the damage air pollution causes—not only to people, but to buildings and infrastructure as well.

    NASA has explored the beneficial applications of a process called photo catalysis for use both in space and on Earth. Photo catalysis is essentially the opposite of photosynthesis, the process used by plants to create energy. In photo catalysis, light energizes a mineral, triggering chemical reactions that result in the breakdown of organic matter at the molecular level, producing primarily carbon dioxide and water as byproducts.

    NASA has studied the benefits of photo catalysis for purifying water during space missions, and plant growth chambers featuring photo catalytic scrubbers have flown on multiple NASA missions, using the photo catalytic process to preserve the space-grown crops by eliminating the rot-inducing chemical ethylene. (The scrubber technology resulted in a unique air purifier, featured in Spinoff 2009, now preserving produce and sanitizing operating rooms on Earth.)

    Lauren Underwood, a senior research scientist at Stennis Space Center, began studying photocatalytic materials as part of a NASA partnership with the US Department of Homeland Security, which was investigating the materials for multiple applications, including protecting infrastructures against terrorism threats. From NASA’s perspective, Underwood explains, “We don’t want to introduce anything into space that could be potentially harmful. This is a future promising application of these materials—to keep surfaces not only clean, but potentially germ free.”

    Intrigued by the technology’s potential, Underwood saw a way for photo catalytic materials to provide benefits for NASA on Earth, as well.

    “At Stennis, we have a lot of buildings and facilities that are primarily white, and there are maintenance costs associated with keeping these buildings clean,” Underwood says. She began testing photo catalytic materials as a valid solution for reducing these maintenance costs—with an eye not only for potential NASA benefits, but for the greater public as well.For a clean house that is really a clean house, Ti02 is a necessity.

    A clean house is a healthier house